Shiplift and Syncrolifts in Shipbuilding

Shipyard applications

Syncrolifts are custom designed to accommodate a wide range of shipbuilding and ship repair activities according to each customer’s exact lifting requirements. No longer limited to shore side berths, customers can maximize productivity and profitability by putting all their property to constructive use. Hundreds of commercial repair and shipbuilding companies throughout the world depend on the proven reliability of Syncrolift for ship repairs, conversion projects and launching new vessels.

Other applications

A heavy-duty lifting device that is safe, reliable, and able to withstand the corrosive conditions of the marine environment. In addition to shipbuilding and ship repair, Syncrolift technology is also used in many other applications…

  • Ramps for ferries

Syncrolift technology is also used in ramps for passenger ferries and cargo ships. In areas where very high tidefalls make loading and unloading difficult, a Syncrolift ramp with its precise control mechanisms is an ideal solution.

  • Caisson lifts

Syncrolift platforms are used for launching concrete caissons for construction of breakwaters, piers, and bridges. With their high unit lift requirements, caisson lifts can be used for a specific project, and then reconfigured and used as a conventional shiplift.

  • Bargelifts

The Syncrolift concept is also being developed as an alternative to canal locks. Because of its simple design, it is a cheaper alternative to traditional locks and offers several environmental benefits.

050 Bargelift_diagram

Main features of shiplift and syncrolifts

  • lifting systems for ships. large elevator.
  • raises and lowers ships in and out of the water.
  • for dry-docking ashore.
  • mechanical supporting platform.
  • minimize peak loads on the hull plating.
  • transfer system to move ship around shipyard